Cannot call SANE from GIMP

Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 21:02:09 PST

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    Hi everyone for SANE developer,
    [About Gimp(Ver.1.2.0 or 1.1.17) Plug-Ins]

    I cannot call xscanimage from Gimp Plug-in.
    Please give me your advice.

    My procedure is as followings,
    1.Install SANE ver.1.0.4 from source code. (Alredy Gimp(ver.1.1.17) installed.)
    2.Link gimp-plug-in's folder (ln -s 'which xscanimage' ~/.gimp-1.1/plug-ins/xscanimage)
    3.Exec Gimp
    4.Appear the error
            /home/myname/.gimp-1.1/plug-ins/xscanimage: GIMP support missing.
            LibGimp-WARNING **:gimp:wire-read:unexpected EOF
    5.I cannot call even if change Gimp version to 1.2.0

    Off cource, xscanimage move fine!! (with EPSON Scanner Perfection1200S)
    Is it necessary to do something else?
    Is there other information?

    Please teach me to resolve this error.
    I appreciate your advice only to guide me to some hint home page.

    Thanks in advance.


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