Nikon LS-2000 with Solaris

From: Joern Clausen (jc@Genetik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 01:29:53 PST

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    I have a problem, but some statistics first:

     - Sparc Solaris 2.8, Sun Ultra 5 with Antares SCSI controller

     - scg SCSI driver by Joerg Schilling

     - sane-1.0.4 backends and frontends succesfully installed, a HP ScanJet IIp
       works just fine

    Now I'm trying to use a Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner. The device is
    recognized ("probe-scsi-all" or "cdrecord -scanbus") and coolscan.conf
    has the correct entry. But scanimage just tells me "no SANE devices found".
    find-scanner returns this:

    find-scanner: checking /dev/scg0c... open ok
    find-scanner: found processor "HP C1790A 3208" at device /dev/scg0c
    find-scanner: checking /dev/scg0d... failed to open

    but scg0d should be the LS-2000.

    Any hints or tips? Anything I can configure on any of the involved devices?
    Has anybody used the LS-2000 with Solaris at all???

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     +49 (0)521/106-4826                                University of Bielefeld

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