xsane-0.70 source and win32-binary available

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 08:33:28 PST

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    xsane-0.70 is avialable.

    The most interesing thing is:
            rotation (0/90/180/270 degree) of preview and scanned image

    get it from:


    Here is the complete list of changes:

     - removed some bugs in text for pipette in sane-xsane-preview-doc.html
     - changed acloacal.m4: when gimp-config is not found we look for gimptool
     - for WIN32 the filetypes listed in the filetype menu are ".jpg" and ".tif"
       instead of ".jpeg" and ".tiff"
     - added manufacturer image to bottom of standard and advanced options window.
       The name of the image is "vendor"-logo.xpm" or "sane-"backend"-logo.xpm",
       the size of the image should be 256x48 pixels with a transparent background.
     - changed src/Makfile.in: *-logo.xpm are installed (make install) and
       uninstalled (make uninstall) now
     - changed src/Makfile.in.WIN32: *-logo.xpm are installed (make install)now
     - several changes in xsane-preview.c for rotating preview by 0/90/180/270 degree
       the preview rotation is ready now
     - added new routine xsane_save_rotate_image to xsane-save.c
     - added new routine xsane_save_grayscale_image_as_lineart to xsane-save.c
     - lineart images are saved in grayscale mode at first if transformation has to be done
     - xsane_save_rotate_image is called beween scanning and saving image
     - xsane_save_grayscale_image_as_lineart is called beween rotating and saving image
     - aclocal.m4/configure: changed sane_major_version etc to SANE_CURRENT_MAJOR
     - fileheader of raw format changed. This format is not defined, but some programs
       can read it as 16 bit pnm binary data, so we use a compatible header now:
         # This file is in a not public defined data format.
         # It is a 16 bit gray binary format.
         # Some programs can read this as pnm/pgm format.
         # SANE data follows.
         100 100


    Homepage:	http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch
    sane-umax:	http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch/sane/sane-umax.html
    xsane:		http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch/sane/sane-xsane.html
    E-Mail:		mailto:Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE

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