New Mustek 1200CP (LifeTec/Medion) CIS driver release

From: Eddy De Greef (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 16:18:05 PST

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    I'm happy to announce a new (experimental) version of the mustek_pp driver
    that works for CIS scanners such as the 1200 CP and its OEM versions

    I've gotten my scanner (LifeTec 9350) to work quite reliably in almost
    any mode. More information (and the source code) can be found at

    The current version is purely based on the (fantastic) work of Jochen
    Eisinger and my own experiments. This morning I received a positive
    reponse from Mustek to my request for information about the scanner.
    This will certainly help me to improve the driver. I hope to release
    better versions soon.

    Any feedback is welcome, of course.



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