Re: sanei_scsi_cmd / snapscan / Prisa640S

From: Christian Nassau (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 04:20:47 PST

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    > Are you using the sg driver that came with
    > lk 2.2.16 ?

    I think so. I'm using the kernel and drivers that came
    with Suse Linux 7.0 (middle of last year). I somehow assumed
    they would incorporate important bug-fixes like this
    automatically, but maybe I was wrong...

    > To debug such a lockup is difficult. Do the CapsLock and
    > NumLock keys still operate the LEDs on the keyboard? If
    > so, Alt-SysRq ("p" and "t") may gather some information.

    Ah, I didn't know that. Right now, I'm not in the mood to
    deliberately provoke system lockups, just to debug them.
    (I'm still suffering from filesystem repair mode shocks)

    > Do you have a SCSI disk with your root partition on
    > the same SCSI bus as the scanner?

    No, no, no. I wouldn't do any experiments if I had..
    (So: just one SCSI-device (the scanner), using the built-in

    > So I think you have a very "special" case that does
    > not require the sanei interface to be changed. The
    > problem with such a lock, is that it will make SANE
    > inoperable for the timeout period (often 10 minutes)
    > if the scanner locks up before sending a response.

    Unfortunately, that *does* sound like a good reason, not
    to install the protection by default!

    Thanks, Christian

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