MICROTEK2 failure : out of memory with kernel 2.4

From: Ralf (ralfmanthey@gmx.de)
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 10:55:10 PST

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    Hallo all,
    i have kernel 2.4 latest ,scanner : Microtek X6 USB and backend 1.0.4..
    The driver of USB and Scanner are in the kernel.
    It seems like a failure of SG-Module in the Kernel,it is newer and not compatible.

    If i start scanimage ( scanimage -d microtek2:/dev/sg1 ) with debug comes this :

    [19:37:27root@ralf /root]# /usr/local/bin/scanimage -d microtek2:/dev/sg1
    [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of microtek2 to 128.
    [microtek2] sane_init: Microtek2 (v0.8) says hello...
    [microtek2] parse_config_file: fp=0x8050448
    [microtek2] attach_one: name='option dump 1'
    [microtek2] add_device_list: device='option dump 1'
    [microtek2] attach: device='option dump 1'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: mi=0x8050624, device='option dump 1'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: 'Invalid argument'
    [microtek2] attach: 'Invalid argument'
    [microtek2] attach_one: name='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] add_device_list: device='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] attach: device='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: mi=0x806b234, device='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: 'Out of memory'
    [microtek2] attach: 'Out of memory'
    [microtek2] attach_one: name='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] add_device_list: device='/dev/sgb'
    [microtek2] add_device_list: device '/dev/sgb' already in list
    [microtek2] sane_open: device='/dev/sg1'
    [microtek2] add_device_list: device='/dev/sg1'
    [microtek2] attach: device='/dev/sg1'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: mi=0x806bc14, device='/dev/sg1'
    [microtek2] scsi_inquiry: 'Out of memory'
    [microtek2] attach: 'Out of memory'
    scanimage: open of device microtek2:/dev/sg1 failed: Out of memory
    [microtek2] sane_exit:
    [microtek2] sane_get_devices: local_only=0
    [microtek2] sane_get_devices: sd_list_freed
    [microtek2] sane_exit: MICROTEK2 says goodbye.

    What can i do now to get work this ?
    Sorry for my bad english.I'm from Germany.
    Ralf Manthey

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