snapscan, problem in color mode : horizontal shift

Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 14:01:03 PST

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    Hi all,

    I own an AGFA snapscan 310, which works fine under windows. It works also fine
    under Linux using SANE but only in LineArt and GreyScale. In color mode, I get
    an horizontal shift. After let's 30 perfectly scanned lines, (even without
    chroma offset), the next 30 lines are shifted right by around 30 dot, also
    appreas some chroma offset, and so on, periodically I get a block of lines
    without chroma offset, but still shifted right compared to the previous
    30-lines-group of scanned lines.

    I couldn't find any faq, or mail in the archive of this mailing-list, or even
    documentation about this behaviour. I've compiled and installed without any
    problem the 1.0.4 backend and frontend packages. Maybe I did something in the
    wrong way ?

    By the way, the size of the group of line depends on the width of the image,
    (larger image get smaller group of line), as well of the resolution, (at 75 dpi,
    I can get a reasonable size image without distortion, which is not true at 300
    dpi). It makes me think about a memory (buffer) size problem ? But I'm not an
    expert at all ... this is just a suggestions, in the case it can help understand
    what is the problem.

    Thank you for any help.

    Edrusb Dalton.

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