Re: Polaroid Sprintscan 4000?

From: Jonathan Buzzard (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 14:22:53 PST

  • Next message: Jürgen Koslowski: "Re: Polaroid Sprintscan 4000?" said:
    > I didn't see the Polaroid Sprintscan 4000 listed as a supported
    > scanner. Is anybody working on this particular model, or will I have
    > to resort to VueScan for this one? The latter, apparently, does not
    > work as plug-in for the GIMP.

    If you are serious about scanning negatives and slides VueScan is
    miles better than Sane. Not that I am knocking Sane, but it is more
    suited to flatbeds than negatives and slides.


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