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From: Christoph Knauer (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 02:05:20 PST

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    I've some trouble with my linuxserver and saned. I've made all changes in
    the files needed for using saned in a network.

    At first, my saned seems not do be startet withhin an boot or levelchange,
    only by hand. When I started it by hand and I try to use it with
    xsane/windows, in my messages-file only these messages be logged:

    >Dec 28 20:34:46 julia saned[470]: access by Christoph@(null) rejected
    >Dec 28 20:34:46 julia saned[470]: exiting

    My saned looks like this (without comments, theese are only for this mail):

    localhost #my server
    christoph.knauer #my client-pc (win98) #also my client-pc #another client-pc, not planed yet for scanning
    christoph #also for my client-pc

    this is the section in services with the sane-setting

    xdsxdm 6558/udp
    sane 6566/tcp
    #ircu 6665-6669/tcp IRCU

    here my hosts-file on my client-pc: localhost julia.knauer # my SuSE-Server christoph.knauer # my client

    here is the net.conf in \sane\etc\sane.d:

    and at last some infos about my network:
    Server: Julia.knauer ( on 486dx4-100 - 64MB Ram, IBM
    Linux: SuSE 6.4eval; sane and libs from
    sane: Yast says 1.0.1-4.i386
    xsane/win: 0.68
    samba 2.0.7

    scanimage on my server works fine ;-), but xsane on KDE 1.1.2 won't start,
    only a'n errormessage

    client-PC win98se (christoph.knauer; on a Pentium 166mmx,
    64MB, 3com 3c509combo eth

    I hope, you can help me with some tips, how to get a working scanner over
    network. Thanks

    So long, Christoph

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