Re: help - hp 5300c

From: Andrew Williams (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 03:36:39 PST

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    > > Thanks for the advice - you're right, I disabled it and the scanner
    > > appeared on /proc/scsi/scsi! It completely locks up my machine whenever I
    > > try to use it, but I'm so pleased that I can see it that it seems a
    > > minor inconvenience!
    > What SANE version are you using? What kernel. What usb-scsi modules?
    > ... ?

    Er, er... Sane 1.04, Kernel 2.4 test 12 and I got the usb-scsi driver
    from the 'How-to' page at:

    The scanner does make 'scanning noises' when I do a preview scan but no
    preview appears. If I try and do it again then the machine reboots.


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