Re: help - hp 5300c

From: Peck Dickens (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 22:12:54 PST

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    > xsane thinks for a while and then says 'no devices available'. I'm
    > beginning to think that it might be because I have SCSI emulation
    > running in order to use my IDE CD writer under Linux, because when I try
    > and find the scanner, sg0 is reported as a CD-drive (so is sga). Am I
    > going to have to turn SCSI emulation off?? I tried searching on
    > /dev/usbscanner but that didn't get anywhere.

    SCSI emulation is the problem. Disable it and I bet it will work.

    IMHO: SCSI emulation is an idea that should have been
    dismissed... The thought of such a beastly module on one of my
    systems is repulsive: It lacks eloquence.



    M. Peck Dickens

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