SANE backend for Mustek 1200UB released by Mustek

From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 10:24:33 PST

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    Hi SANE developers and users,

    I'm very pleased to announce the availability of a SANE backend for the
    Mustek 1200UB scanner. It's marked as an alpha version.

    This driver was written by Mustek. It's based on SANE 1.0.3 and is
    released as a binary (Linux) RPM and source RPM. The source code is licensed
    under GPL (with the special SANE exception to allow linking to non-GPL
    programs). The driver is intended for the 1200UB CIS USB scanner. It
    probably won't work for other models (e.g. 1200USB, 1200CU, Bearpaw).

    I couldn't test the RPMs themselves (because I use Debian and don't
    use RPM) but was able to extract the binaries (library) and source
    code with alien. I did only some quick tests and found no problems.
    Color, Gray and Lineart works as far I could test. The library should
    work with Linux 2.4.0test12 and 2.2.18. With the latter one, the
    vendor and model codes must be provided to the scanner module manually.
    I haven't tried to compile the backend yet nor tried to use it with
    FreeBSD or anything else.

    I was able to contact the maintainer of the driver at Mustek and got
    some statements about the driver and Mustek's support of Linux. They
    will do their best to support Linux in future but maybe there won't be
    drivers for older products. The code should go into the SANE package
    after the quality of the code is increased.

    I will stay in contact with the maintainer.

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