don't know how to connect my umax scanner

From: Per Jönsson (
Date: Mon Jan 01 2001 - 12:54:53 PST

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    I have a UMAX Astra 610S scanner, and the SCSI card that shipped with the
    scanner (a UDS-IS11/ISA card). However, I'm not really sure what to do to
    get the scanner up and running! I read that the g_NCR5380 module may work
    with my card, so I do:

    insmod scsi_mod
    insmod sg
    insmod g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=255 ncr_addr=0x280 dtc_3181e=1

    after wich I get the response:
    scsi0 : interrupts not enabled. for better interactive performance,
    scsi0 : please jumper the board for a free IRQ.
    scsi0 : at port 0x280 interrupts disabled options CAN_QUEUE=16
    CMD_PER_LUN=2 release=1 generic options AUTOPROBE_IRQ AUTOSENSE generic
    scsi0 : Generic NCR5380/53C400 Driver
    scsi : 1 host.

    Now, I don't know where to go from here. "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" prints
    "Attached devices: none", while "cat /proc/scsi/g_NCR5380/0" prints
    SCSI host number 0 : Generic NCR5380/NCR53C400 Scsi Driver
    Generic NCR5380 driver version 1
    NCR5380 core version 7
    NO NCR53C400 driver extensions
    Using port mapping at port 0x280, no interrupt
    Phase UNKNOWN
    No currently connected command

    "scanimage -L" does not find my scanner, neither does "find-scanner". I
    do _not_ have the devices sg0, sg1, ..., sga, ... etc. present in my /dev
    directory. I tried to do "mknod sg0 c 21 0", setting permissions to 660
    and re-running "find-scanner -v", but I get

    find-scanner: searching for scanners:
    find-scanner: checking /dev/scanner... failed to open
    find-scanner: checking /dev/sg0... failed to open
    find-scanner: checking /dev/sg1... failed to open
    ...and so on

    I don't know what to do.. Can anyone please give me some hints? An
    important fact is that I am actually not 100% sure if the card (or the
    scanner) is working!

    Per Jönsson

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