xsane-0.69 sourcecode released

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 05:28:11 PST

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    xsane-0.69 sourcecode is released.


    I hope that the configure-problems with gimp-plugin are solved now.

    Here the changes in details:

     - some changes in aclocal.m4 for gimp test:
       - When gimp-config is not found, the output of gtk-config is used
       - GTK_CFLAGS or GIMP_CFLAGS are added to CPPFLAGS for test for gimp.h and gimpfeatures.h
       - GTK_CFLAGS and GTK_LIBS are erased when gimp_config is available
     - changed src/Makefile.in: GIMP_CFLAGS is used now
     - saved xsane-style.rc in unix mode (\n) because DOS mode (\n\r) made problems
     - added new way to call netscape remote command:
       at first xsane tries to find out if netscape is running, for this it tries to
       find out if there is a link "~/.netscape/lock". If this link exists netscape should
       be running and xsane calls "netscape -remote openFile(...)". Otherwise xsane calls
       "netscape ..."
     - changed keywork "netscape-remote" as docviewer to "netscape"
     - changed way to find out home directory in xsane-back-gtk.c:
       now getenv(ENVIRONMENT_HOME_DIR_NAME) is used instead of getpwuid(...)->pw_dir.
       (getenv is usable for Win32 and unix, getpwuid makes problems on Win32)


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