Re: trouble using gdb

From: stef (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 22:12:20 PST

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    > Hi Stef,
    > I think you expected that the breakpoint was set in your program and not
    > in sane_dll_*
    > All backends use the same function names sane_open, sane_start, ...
    > so the function names for backends are renamed and you get the only one
    > with the name sane_get_parameters that is visible from the frontend
    > and that are the functions from sane_dll.
    > Ther are two possibilities:
    > 1) do not use sane-dll, link the frontend (scanimage) directly against your backend
    > 2) define the breakpoint with sourcode:linenumber. May be you can find out the function
    > names of your backend but I don`t know how this is generated.

            I'm doing 2) . But my problem is to do 1). Shall I build scanimage with
    a special Makefile, and how to avoid sane-dll ?

    Happy new year,

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