The ol' hp 3300

From: Eric Windisch (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 19:55:21 PST

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    Ok, from reading the list I have concluded that:
    A. the hp 3300 is non SCL and has been confirmed by hp.
    B. may be very similar to the 5300..
    C. will have to be reverse engineered.

    Whenever someone asks if there is development in progress, there has been
    no answer.. so i assume no..

    I would really like to get this working ASAP, the scanner is the only
    thing that does not work in my user's Linux installation.. using the
    scanner is the only reason a reboot is necessary (openoffice crashing and
    running slower then ms office is another story).

    Unforutnately, I will not be around to work on it past Jan 6th.. so I
    wouldn't be much help for writing a driver, the most I could do is ssh to
    the box from 1200 miles away and compile sane :) I am VERY willing
    however to sign or setup a petition.. is there anyone else interested in a
    driver for htis scanner!?

    Eric Windisch

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