"Rainbow" striping on USB HP ScanJet 5300C

From: Scott Gifford (sgifford@tir.com)
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 18:34:25 PST

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    Apologies for the long To: list; I haven't been able to determine
    whether the problem I'm having is caused by Jeremy Hall's
    (experimental) usb-scsi driver, by the Avision SANE backend, or by
    something else entirely. If I can narrow it down to one subsystem,
    I'll make sure to trim the list.

    I'm seeing weird rainbow-colored stripes, repeating about every
    half-inch, whenever I scan anything with my HP ScanJet 5300C.
    Pictures are available at:


    scan1-crop is the top inch of the scan, and scan1 is the entire image.

    I can get these stripes to go away by plugging the scanner into a
    Windows machine, using HP's software once, then plugging it back into
    my Linux machine. That points to an initialization problem, but I
    haven't seen anybody else complaining about this scanner exhibiting
    this problem...

    I'm using Jeremy Hall's experimental usb-scsi driver patch (from
    Tobias Nijweide's page at:


    ) against a 2.4.0-test12 kernel, and the Avision SANE backend, with
    the patches from Tobias' page.

    I've tried the --quality-cal option to SANE, and I've tried at various
    resolutions, and at color, greyscale, and line-art mode, and all have
    the same effect (except that the rainbow colors are grey or black in
    non-color modes).

    Has anybody seen similar problems? Or does anybody have any ideas
    about how to go about troubleshooting/fixing this?

    I have about a week to figure this out; after that, I'll just return
    the scanner, and pay closer attention to model numbers. :-)



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