Re: Sg devices on Mac hardware.

From: Jerry Fritschle (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 13:54:56 PST

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    on 12/9/00 2:14 PM, thus spake Nick Lamb of through
    the ether:

    > On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 12:53:38AM +0000, Jerry Fritschle wrote:
    >> I have the file sg.c in /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/drivers/scsi/ . Also sg.h
    >> exists
    >> in both /usr/src/linux-2.214/include/scsi and in /usr/include/scsi. Is
    >> the
    >> problem that these have not been compiled? (Puts on flame-proof suit in case
    >> this
    >> is a stupid question).
    > Modern versions of SANE detect whether you have SCSI generic and SCSI
    > working in find-scanner. You were asked to run find-scanner already, what
    > if anything did it have to say about SCSI generic (sg)?
    Well, I've been gone awhile till I got this figured out, but my scanner is
    up and running now.

    In short, the precompiled kernel, which came with my LinuxPPC distribution
    (2.2.15) lacked direct sg support. Meanwhile, the source and modules which
    came on the disks are for 2.2.14, meaning the sg module was too old for the
    kernel I had.

    Therefore, this exercise, in getting sane to work, turned into a course in
    "Building Your Kernel 101" (all new stuff for me). There turned out to be
    problems with the 2.2.14 kernel tree, mainly a 'missing directory' error, so
    I downloaded a 2.2.15 tarball that I WAS able to compile, specifying sg
    support. After booting from the new kernel, the scanner ran beautifully.

    Thanks to all who helped me, both on the list and privately.

    Jerry Fritschle
    Saint Louis, Missouri

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