Re: Snapscan.... Help! (a few extra data)

From: John Coppens (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 07:12:02 PST

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    Hi Chris.

    A few (possibly) hints...

    I've been checking the debug log and found a few strange things.

    - Says buffer is size = 31725 bytes, 55 lines. At 1269 bytes/lines this
    can't be (should be 25). I checked the source code and found:

             "%s: effective buffer size = %lu bytes, %lu lines\n",
             (u_long) pss->buf_sz,
             (u_long) (pss->buf_sz ? pss->buf_sz / pss->lines : 0));

      I suppose this should be / pss->bytes_per_line

    - A bit before that, it says : set_window: bits-per-pixel set to 30

      How can this result in 3 bytes/pixel afterwards? I couldn't find
    how the extra 2 bits (*3) are sent... Are they packed in another block?

    - The 'sleep' button doesn't work after using xsane... The light does
      switch off after some 10-15 mins.

    - Changing the buffer size gives a Segmentation error (when scanning
    fullsize. Preview works though). Tested size was 33000.



    On Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:36:03 -0500 wrote/El dddd> Have you downloaded and installed the snapscan driver from
    > sourceforge? It corrects a few known color-scanning issues.
    > Also, you might try changing the snapscan.h file to different
    > types of scanners for your 1212U (ie, tell its a SNAPSCAN300
    > or a SNAPSCAN600 or a PRISA640, etc).
    > Chris


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