documentation of net-protocol ?

From: Oliver Nittka (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 12:11:35 PST

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    hi everybody !

    after some juggling around with TWAIN under WINE with my proprietary
    scanner, i finally managed to write a small windoze command-line tool which
    runs under wine
    and avoids the TWAIN-driver's interface (which won't run under WINE).
    with this, i am finally able to scan without rebooting :-)

    my straight next thougt was of course: why not develop a sane backend which
    uses this
    command-line-tool, so everybody who can setup a TWAIN-driver using WINE for his
    can use it. (startup of wine takes ages for me, but then, it's faster than

    on second thought, it might be better to just teach my app to talk the sane-net
    (or a subset of it), as i can connect from WINE via telnet to localhost just
    ("wine telnet localhost"), so i suspect it shouldn't be such a big problem to
    run a
    server under WINE which talks sane-net.

    i was peeking around on for some documentation about the protocol,
    but i admit
    i cound't find anything. do i have to grok the sources ?
    can anyone point me to something useful ?

    TIA !

      -- oly

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