Re: Which scanners REALLY provide 36 bit output? HP?

From: Ian Stirling (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 12:01:31 PST

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    > Paul Floyd wrote:
    > > Quoting Bob Washburne <>:
    > My application is archival. I have a collection of old (about a
    > century) documents and photos. They will not be around much longer.
    > The images are of borderline quality. Text is sometimes difficult to
    > read. Photos are blurred or smeared. Everything has taken on the
    > patina of age. There are some effective software packages out there for
    > image enhancement. They can remove red-eye, interpret text and
    > generally clean things up. Thirty, fifty years from now I'll bet that
    > they will perform magic - removing coffee stains, filling in destroyed
    > areas, sharpening a blurred photo.

    Not very likely.
    What's really needed is yet more info.
    A scanner that can do RGB + several IR bands would really help, as it can
    pick up data that's not obsucured by stains, rather than trying to
    see through the stain.

    Seeing what the real resolution that can be got isn't to hard.
    A human hair is about 0.1mm in diameter.
    Tie a knot of several hairs, and see how well it resolves.

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