Re: xsane-0.67

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 13:03:08 PST

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    Matt Mozur wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I tried to test COPY on a win98 system, and althought this
    > version does scan the
    > document, it fails with the following comment when trying to
    > print:
    > Failed to execute printer command
    > "c:\gs\gs6.50\bin\gswin32c -sDEVICE=st800 -"
    > I tried this command manually in a DOS window using a
    > Postscript file I had
    > lying around, and it does work, so it seems that Ghostscript
    > printing in Windows is OK. I also tried a few different
    > printer commands in xsane but I always get the same error.

    Hi Matt,

    it looks like this is a problem of cygwin.
    It does work if you replace each "\" by "/",
    you also should add "-dNOPAUSE"
    here is my command that works for me and a laserjet:

     c:/gs/gs6.50/bin/gswin32c -sDEVICE=laserjet -dNOPAUSE -


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