re: testing BH on copiscan 8080d

From: Mark Temple (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 15:53:00 PST

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    Hello Tom,

    I am working with a Bell & Howell 8080d trying to get the sane-bh
    backend to work. Initially scanimage didn't recognize the 'COPISCAN
    8080D' because it was looking for 'COPISCAN II'. I changed your patch
    to reflect the pattern 'COPISCAN' which is found in both. I am still
    failing with scanimage at the point where it want the autoborder
    information from the scanner. I tried saying no autoborder but then it
    had a 'not enough memory' problem. Following is some output from debug
    of the scanimage command:

    [bh] sane_start called
    [bh] get_parameters called
    [bh] get_parameters: format=0, pixels/line=4704, bytes/line=588,
    lines=64000, dpi=400
    [bh] start_setup called
    [bh] setup_sections called
    [bh] start_setup: duplex=no, barcodes=no, patchcodes=no, icons=no,
    [bh] start_setup: sections=0
    [bh] start_setup: read list length=1
    [bh] start_setup: [1] front page
    [bh] start_setup: sending SET WINDOW
    [bh] set_window called
    [bh] mode_select_measurement called (bmu:0 mud:1000)
    [bh] set_window: sizeof(hdr) 8, sizeof(window): 256
    [bh] mode_select_measurement called (bmu:2 mud:1)
    [bh] start_setup: sending mode_select_timeout
    [bh] mode_select_timeout called
    [bh] start_scan called
    [bh] get_parameters called
    [bh] get_parameters: sending GET WINDOW (front)
    [bh] get_window called
    [bh] Automatic Border Detection not done within 1000 tries
    [bh] *** Window size: 4704x64000+0+0
    [bh] get_parameters: failed
    [bh] sane_start: start_scan failed: Error during device I/O
    scanimage: sane_start: Error during device I/O
    [bh] sane_cancel called
    [bh] sane_close called
    [bh] sane_exit called

    I have some C programming experience. If I could get a manual for the
    scanner from Bell & Howell, I might be able to tune up the code to work
    with this scanner too. Did you get your manual directly from Bell &
    Howell? Is there a technical person at Bell & Howell I could contact to
    order a manual? I will be glad to publish any additional code I create
    so you can add it to your work.

    Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks.


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