Code freeze for SANE 1.0.4

From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 13:19:00 PST

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    it's time to declare code freeze. It will last until 2000-12-17 (one
    week). Only documentation updates and fixes for grave bugs should go
    into CVS during code freeze.

    Examples for "grave bugs":
      * a bug that breaks compilation on at least one platform
      * a bug that renders a backend totally unusable

    Please discuss every fix on sane-devel and double-check that it
    doesn't break other parts of the code before commiting.

    The net/saned segfaults are grave in my opinion. So a fix can be
    comitted to CVS if it's fairly simple (hint, hint).

    This is the current NEWS file for 1.0.4. Please check that the version
    of your backend in the code, .desc and NEWS in in sync.

    New with 1.0.4, released ????-??-??:

    * New backends: as6e, nec, pie.
    * Updated backends: artec (v0.5.15), avision (v0.2.1), epson (v0.1.39),
      hp (v0.93), mustek (v1.0-102), mustek_pp (v0.9-devel), plustek (v0.38),
      sharp (v0.32), umax (v1.0-21).
    * Moved frontends xscanimage and xcam to a new package (sane-frontends).
    * Added authentification with encrypted passwords.
    * Installation of shared libraries on AIX is supported now.
    * Fixed compilation bugs on Irix and FreeBSD.
    * Better debug output on platforms not supporting vararg macros.
    * Better documentation about SANE devicenames.
    * Bugfixes.


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