Re: Guillemot scanner

From: Thomas Lotze (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 09:24:44 PST

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    I finally managed to run my Guillemot scanner after finding out
    it's at /dev/sgd and /dev/sg3, and linking /dev/scanner to one
    of those. However, I still had to delete /dev/sga from
    snapscan.conf (as snapscan is the driver I need); what does this
    device do in that config file, anyway? Seems somewhat specific,
    especially considering there's nothing comparable in the other
    conf's, only the general /dev/scanner. I suppose that entry had
    caused automatic scanner finding to hang before I deleted it.
    (There's a CD-ROM at /dev/sga on my machine.)

    One problem remains: The scanner is VERY slow, especially when
    doing the preview. Is this a matter of hardware configuration,
    or of (X)SANE configuration I haven't found yet?



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