Re: Suggested adding target install-strip for sane

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 00:34:31 PST

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    Kevin Dalley wrote:

    > The Debian policy is to install libraries and binaries stripped.
    > A separated version of libraries may also be installed with debug
    > options. Therefore, I am required to install libraries and binaries
    > stripped.
    > The GNU standards also require an install-strip target. You are not
    > required to use the GNU standards, of course. But the reason for the
    > GNU standards is that they are often useful. Here's quote for the GNU
    > standards which explains the reasons for the targets.
    > `install-strip'
    > Like `install', but strip the executable files while installing
    > them. In many cases, the definition of this target can be very
    > simple:
    > install-strip:
    > install
    > Normally we do not recommend stripping an executable unless you
    > are sure the program has no bugs. However, it can be reasonable
    > to install a stripped executable for actual execution while saving
    > the unstripped executable elsewhere in case there is a bug.

    Hi Kevin,

    SANE is still under development. We have a lot of alpha and beta drivers in
    it and it is not in our interest that the sane libraries are installed stripped.
    The sane policy is to install the libraries non-stripped and I suggest that
    this is done for Debian's sane version too.


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