Re: Sg devices on Mac hardware.

From: Jerry Fritschle (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 19:00:25 PST

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    on 12/7/00 12:07 PM, thus spake Henning Meier-Geinitz of
    through the ether:

    > Is the scanner found (syslog, cat /proc/scsi/scsi).

    Yes. I apologize for forgetting to mention this in my original post.
    > Any result from tools/find-scanner?

    > Is the scanner the first SCSI device (/dev/sga)?

    > Please try
    > SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_SCSI=255 SANE_DEBUG_UMAX=255 scanimage -L

    I'm running in MacOS right now. Will do so on my next Linux session.


    Jerry Fritschle
    Saint Louis, Missouri

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