Re: Which scanners REALLY provide 36 bit output? HP?

From: Paul Floyd (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 01:28:20 PST

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    Quoting Bob Washburne <>:

    > So, can anybody out there identify a scanner which can *REALLY* output
    > 36 bpp? If I scan an immage which is 2"x2" at 1200 dpi will I actually
    > get a file over 8.6 MB in size? And I'll be able to achieve that with
    > xSANE or even the software which came with the scanner?

    Well, let's do some sums. 1200dpi, 2"x2" and 36bpp (4.5bytes)
    gives (1200x2)x(1200x2)x4.5 = 25,920,000 uncompressed bytes.

    Depending on the content of the image (and the image format/compression
    ratio used) then I'd expect 15-20Mbytes. If you want 12bit greyscale,
    then I'd expect 1/3 of that size, or 8.6M uncompressed, 4-6M compressed.
    You can always get smaller files if you use a lossy compression format,
    and you're willing to lose a bit more (but then, why bother having such
    a high resolution?).

    What are you going to be doing with these images? Visualizing them
    won't be easy (they're certainly well beyond the scope of most
    monitors and printers). Unless you're doing research or doing high
    quality commercial printing, then 1200bpi/36bpp is overkill.


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