Problem with ancient Mustek Paragon MFS-600CX

From: Georg Schmidt (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 04:02:12 PST

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    I have an old Mustek Paragon MFS-600CX (3-pass) which worked great
    for years with SuSE Linux 5.0-6.1 and sane. Now I stupidly decided
    to upgrade (i.e. new install) to SuSE Linux 7.0 which comes with
    kernel 2.2.16 and sane 1.0.2.

    Since doing so, I have the following scanner/scsi/sane? problem.
    Monochrome scanning works with scanimage and xscanimage, but
    if I try to do a color scan with xscanimage, all thee scanpasses
    seem to be performed normally, but after the last pass xscanimage
    hangs. However, if I look in the output file the scan seems to
    be okay. If I use the Gimp-plugin, the situation is even worse:
    The (monochrome) preview does not work properly eighter and
    the scanner sled stops sometimes somewhere on the scanarea.
    A few times I had also a problem described in the PROBLEMS file which
    came with sane: The scansled exceeded the physical scanarea, which
    resulted in a awful noise.

    I think I can remember, that the scannersled performed a slight
    'twitch' in its park position after finishing the last scanpass.
    (I know, that this is not a scientific precise statement but I
    don't know to desribe it better). This is not performed any more
    since I installed the new Linux version.

    Up to now, I used the scanner with the primitive NCR53c400 controller
    which was shipped with it. When I found some timeout warings from
    this card in the logfiles, I suspected some low-level SCSI problem
    with the new kernel and repaced the card by an Adaptec AHA-1510.
    But this changed noting on the behaviour of the scanner.
    So the problem seems to be eihter in the higher level SCSI drivers or
    somewhere in sane. If anybody ever observed this problem or
    has some hints where the problem is or how it can be located I would
    be very grateful.

    I know, one solution would be to throw away the scanner and buy a
    new one, but sice it has been serving me for years and it has a
    larger scanarea compared to the new models I still like it and would
    be very happy if it would be possible to convince it to
    work again properly.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments, hints ...

    Georg Schmidt

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