Re: RH 7.0 server for Xsane Win32

From: Adam Williams (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 04:37:01 PST

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    >>>What software do you use on the win98 side? I am looking into
    >>>sharing my scanner with my daughter as well.
    >>The Win32 version of Xsane works very well, there is also a >>project
    called winsane, but it's not as "advanced".
    >is that xscanimage running on windows

    No, there is a seperate project called "Xsane" that makes a front end for
    sane that is much more sophisticated than xscanimage. And someone
    maintained a Win32 port, as the original project is based on Gtk/Gnome.

    >can assume that e.g msword will not interoperate with xsane.
    >do you know if star-office will?

    I have no idea. I just set it up so some Win32 people could use the
    scanner, beyond that I never use Windows. You can scan and save to a
    file, and insert the file into the document which is enough
    interoperation for me (Win 9x is a multi-tasking OS after all, at least
    on a good day). I have looked for documentation on how to configure the
    "Scan" menu item in Staroffice but have never found anything.

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