Re: TODO for 1.0.3

From: Chris Pinkham (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 13:26:10 PDT

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    > this is the last todo list before release (at least if nobody finds new
    > major problems).
    > TODO for 1.0.3 (as of 2000-07-31)
    > * Test SANE on different os/platforms, fix possible compilation problems
    > Platform static shared SCSI Net X gimp
    > Linux/x86 OK OK OK OK OK OK
    > Linux/Alpha

    Here's the info for my tests with Redhat Linux/Alpha v6.0.

    > Platform static shared SCSI Net X gimp
          Linux/Alpha OK OK ? ? OK ?

    I don't have a scanner or gimp on this box so I couldn't test SCSI or
    gimp. I tested net but got an error. Haven't had time to delve into
    this to see whether it's the system or my configuration or what so I
    just submitted the info/status I have so far.


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