Gimp-Plugin: GIMP support missing

From: Daniel Gräfe (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 08:21:16 PDT

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    Date: 30 Jul 2000 17:21:15 +0200
    Message-ID: <x7wvi3fxuc.fsf@knorks.annamaus>
    Lines: 20

    When I make a symbolic link of xsane in ~/.gimp-1.1 with:

    ln -s /usr/local/bin/xsane ~/.gimp-1.1/plug-ins/

    gimp complains at startup with:

    /home/daniel/.gimp-1.1/plug-ins/xscanimage: GIMP support missing.
    ** WARNING **: wire_read: unexpected EOF (plug-in crashed?)

    And no plugin is in "Xtns". Same with "xscanimage"

    Using: xsane-0.60, sane-1.0.2, gimp-1.1.18 (SuSE Binary), the rest
    compiled without any flags.

    Does anybody know whats wrong with my gimp/sane ?

    Daniel Gräfe

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