Re: firmware update microtek scanmaker X6 was: poor poor support fromMicrotek

From: Carl Kreider (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 14:44:34 PDT

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    On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 02:19:49PM -0700, Bob van der Poel wrote:
    > (snip)
    > Glad to hear that they've not changed. I bought an E3 several years ago.
    > Unfortunately a month after getting it the sucker stopped working. It
    > cost me nearly as much in toll charges to get a RMA as it was worth. To
    > be fair, they did fix it, and it's been working fine since. But, the
    > service run-around I got will ensure that my next scanner is NOT a
    > Microtek.

    Hi Bob :)

    I had a need here for what pretty much amounts to a remote copy
    machine. The job was to scan a document in one department and
    print it in another. The tool had to be a "no brainer". I bought
    a V6USL because it has a 'go' button on it. I could not get any
    support at all from Microtek and only salvaged the project by
    luck. While poking around in the debug output from the driver
    I noticed a field changed when the button was pressed and that
    it got reset after a scan. I had to add a call to get that
    field, but it now works. But I agree - the next scanner it
    NOT going to be a Microtek.

    Carl Kreider
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