Re: xcam/xcanimage cannot se the scanner (continued) and I/O error on PP scanner 330CX

From: Bernhard Mogens Ege (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 01:16:45 PDT

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    >>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard MICHAUD <> writes:

    > Hi, Bernhard,
    > I just got the same problem few days ago ( with a PP scanner Microtek
    > Phantom 330CX).

    > It has been said that the solution was
    > "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib" to find the correct sane
    > library. You may put that in your .bashrc, type it on the command line,
    > or put it elsewhere if you want.


    Well, I have installed sane with the prefix /pack-linux/sane-1.0.2 and
    am already using LD_LIBRARY_PATH for sane to find its libraries. xcam
    and xscanimage do startup (no missing libraries) which proves sane is
    able to find its labries. I have not installed sane using rpm
    packages, so leftover libraries should not be present. I do wonder
    about some of the libraries called e.g. libsane-hp.s=.1. The = I have
    never seen in libraries before.

    xcam and xscanimage still cannot find my scanner, while find-scanner
    has no trouble. Something must be wrong somewhere.

    sane-1.0.1m (or was it f) did work, so maybe I should downgrade in
    order to use my scanner.


    Bernhard Ege

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