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From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 14:24:36 PDT

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    this is an update of my compilation tests.

    SANE compiles and can be installed now on Irix 5.3 and 6.2, Solaris and AIX.
    I have tested dynamic and static linking. Dynamic linking doesn't work on
    AIX, I will look into this later. Furthermore I did a "scanimage -d pnm:0
    --filenam somefile.pnm -T". I am not root on these systems so I can only
    install SANE in my home directory.

    On Irix 6.2 SANE doesn't compile due to the jpeg library headers. I disabled
    dc210 for this platform manually to test it. Anyone with experience in the
    jpeg library? The problem is METHODDEF and related macros in dc210.c. They
    seem to be expected as METHODDEF(arg) but the jpeg lib on the irix 6.2
    computer has defined them as METHODDEF without an argument. Is there any
    possibility to write a configure test for this?

    The following changes had to be made to compile SANE:

    * All backends need to #include <sane/config.h> as the first header file (if
      the #ifdef _AIX / # include <lalloca.h> is present, put #include
      <sane/config.h> after that). At the moment some backends doesn't include
      this file at the beginning or not at all.

    * sanei/sanei_scsi.c: sanei_scsi_req_flush_all_extended must have "int fd"
      as argument, not "void"

    * include/sane/sanei_debug.h: remove #warning, doesn't compile with Irix cc

    * backend/plustek.c: #include <lalloc.h> is necessary. Look at the other
      backends for examples (concerning AIX).

    If the backend maintainers can't do the changes for their backends I will
    fix them in the next few days (as soon as is working again).
    Remaining items: The isfdtype() function from Petter doesn't seem to work at
    least for Irix 5.3. Running SANE over the net with debugging enabled won't
    work. I can't test this for the other platforms. Any ideas?

    Happy hacking,

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