astra 2400 S + ATA

From: Jean-Charles de Longueville (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 16:04:19 PDT

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    I'm trying to scan XRay picture with umax astra 2400S+ATA and aha1505
    (aka aha152x). The _only_ problem still left is that the result is too
    dark as if the illumination of the transparency adapter was not bright
    enough. To see the result, I use under linux (potato):

    $ scanimage -d umax --mode gray --resolution 100dpi > tmp.pgm
    $ convert -quality 100 -contrast -enhance tmp.pgm result.jpeg

    'scanimage --help -d umax' shows that --brightness is [inactive]. Is
    there any other way to improve the illumination?


    Ir Jean-Charles de Longueville
    Hellea sprl  -  bureau d'étude

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