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From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 15:00:06 PDT

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    On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 01:49:22AM +0800, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
    > (1) all backends should read the config file using
    > sanei_config_read() instead of fgets(). This makes it easier to
    > port SANE to OS/2, and also makes sure all platforms handles any
    > line ending in the config files.

    The following backends use fgets (just a quick grep, maybe the fgets isn't
    used for config file handling):
    abaton agfafocus apple artec avision canon coolscan dc210 dc25 dll dmc
    hp m3096g microtek microtek2 mustek_pp pint plustek pnm qcam ricoh
    s9036 sharp sp15c st400 tamarack umax

    Ok, ok, it would have been easier to list the backends that use
    sanei_config_read ...

    The maintainer of mustek_pp told me he would fix this for his backend.

    I haven't touched any of these backends until now because I think it is not
    only a quick replace of fgets to sanei_config_read. The line ending code
    (and other hacks) in the backends should be changed/removed also.

    > (2) Some backends uses fprintf(stderr, ...) to print messages. This
    > failes when the backend is used over the net. I believe all
    > such messages should be sent to DBG(), to make sure they do not
    > interfere with the network communication.

    You are right. It looks like the following backends use fprintf(stderr, ...):

    artec avision dc210 dc25 epson hp microtek microtek2 snapscan

    I fixed the unmaintained dc210 backend.

    What about snapscan, is there a new maintainer (Steve Underwood)? If yes
    this should be added to AUTHORS.

    Some more small things:

    "missing" manpages: snapscan, canon, coolscan, dc210, v4l

    snapscan: If there is no active maintainer I could add a standard manpage
    canon: maintainer said he would update manpage + .desc but I haven't heard
           from him some time now
    coolscan: no answer (or mail was lost)
    dc210 + v4l: I added standard manpages now (please check and update!)

    missing "interface" entry in .desc file:

    artec: maintainer will fix this really soon now :-)
    canon: see above
    microtek: no answer from maintainer (or mail lost)
    mikrotek2: only one entry for a USB scanner?

    sane_close () bug:
    artec: see above

    By the way: The Mustek backend passes the scanimage -T test (directly and
    over the net backend) for all the Mustek scanners I can test.


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