xsane-0.60 available

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 12:37:38 PDT

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    xsane-0.60 is ready with the following changes:

     - after filename counter is increased the cursor in the outputfilename entry is moved to the right

     - in preview_read_image_data when image is complete:
        preview_update_surface(p, 0);
       is called before
       this way the geometry of the first preview scan is correct.

     - moved xsane_set_all_resolutions in xsane_update_xsane_callback(),
       it now also is called when the backend only uses one reesolution

     - added calibration image (xsane-calibration.pnm) that is loaded when setup window is created.
       The xsane enhancement functions are disabled in calibration mode, the image can not be
       resized (xscale = yscale = 1.0).
       The previsous image is reloaded when the setup window is closed again.

     - enviornment variable SANE_DEFAULT_DEVICE is used to activate the radiobutton in the
       device selection menu

     - removed unused item "custom" from preview surface menu

     - cahnged preview surface menu items:
       A3 -> A3P (portrait)
       A4 -> A4P (portrait)
       A4H -> A4L (landscape)
       A5 -> A5P (portrait)
       A5H -> A5L (landscape)

     - removed script xsane-help, necessary command now is listed in xsane.PROBLEMS


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