Changing the "br-y" value doesn't change gui slider range

Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:39:52 PDT

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    I have a Nikon LS2000 film scanner, and I would like to scan an entire
    strip of film (four frames) at once. Unfortunately, the xscanimage
    GUI only allows me to scan the first frame. The slider entitled
    "Bottom-right y [cm]" only goes from zero to 3.7, which is the length
    of one frame.

    I went into the ~/.sane/xscanimage/coolscan:+-dev+-sgb.rc file and
    found the "br-y" option, which was 2398088. I edited it to say
    9592352 (four times as large), and saved the file. But when I ran
    xscanimage, the slider range hadn't changed.

    Is the coolscan:+-dev+-sgb.rc file the right place to change the
    limits of the scan? If so, why didn't my change take effect? If not,
    how can I get the scan range to change?


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