Re: can't recognize UMAX-VistaS6 on AHA1520b

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 08:56:51 PDT

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    Didier Galland wrote:

    > Thanks for the reply.
    > I don't really understand what you mean by "cable internal terminator". I
    > use a terminator (which is not a part of the cable, centronic 50 pin male on
    > one face, centronic 50 pins female on the other) that I connect between the
    > end of the cable and the scanner : scanner - terminator - cable - scsi card.
    > Is that correct ??

    That is the same.
    The terminator should be at the end:

    > aha152x0: vital data: PORTBASE=0x340, IRQ=11, SCSI ID=7, reconnect=enabled,

    Try disabling reconnect (don`t ask me how, take a look at the scsi-driver module).


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