RE: can't recognize UMAX-VistaS6 on AHA1520b

From: Didier Galland (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 15:18:53 PDT

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    Oops !
    It was not very clear, and also...false.
    - My cd-burner has its termination actived
    - My scanner has its physical terminator on the cable (I've also tried
    without it, it works fine under W98 or Windows2000 with or without)
    - My scsi card has a bios, and a bios setup which I've configured to set the
    terminations to automatic (I've also tried to disabled its termination
    manually, with no effect).
    (For info, here is the help message of the scsi card bios setup :
    "Both ends of the scsi bus should be termninated. Host Adapter termination
    should be disabled if you attach scsi devices to both internal and external
    connectors, since the host adapter would then be in the middle of the scsi
    bus. Internal devices only --> termination enabled. External devices
    only --> termination enabled. Internal and external devices --> termination
    disabled. You should not need to enable or disable termination manually as
    the AHA-1520B can handle this for you automatically").

    Thanks again for help.
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    > - scsi chain : terminator (by scsi card' bios) -cd-burner - computer -
    > scanner terminator (by scsi card's bios)

    What do you mean by 'by scsi card's bios' ???

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