Re: Xsane-0.55: scan resolution selection (Epson 1200S, CVS Sane)

From: Dave Hill (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 05:13:52 PST

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    Karl Heinz Kremer wrote:
    > On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 10:39:43PM +0100, Oliver Rauch wrote:
    > > That would be possible but:
    > > why should the frontend create a slider when only the discrete values in the
    > > list are usable?
    > I don't know, but Dave was asking for it. Maybe some users just find
    > a slider to easier to use.
    > Karl Heinz
    > --
    > Karl Heinz Kremer

    It doesn't bother me at all, I'm just trying to make sure
    that the maximum set of options are open!

    The history goes like this.

    The hardware reports a set of "preferred" resolutions, but
    (in the case of the GT7000 certainly) allows you to use any
    resolution (since the hardware interpolates).

    In sane 1.0.1, you can choose any resolution you want from the
    slider, but it is tricky to set the slider accurately.
    However, if you choose the list, xsane creates a list that
    does not match the "preferred" resolutions that the scanner
    reports (because it has no knowledge of them).

    Then Christian added a patch that forced the resolution to
    jump to the nearest "preferred" resolution, so losing the
    "any resolution will work" feature.

    This causes problems with the list in xsane, because the
    list resolutions clash with the backend resolutions.

    Now Karl has changed the resolution list from a constraint
    to a list, so now it is doubly impossible to choose "any

    To get the best of both worlds is, I realise, difficult.
    What you would need to do is to return both the constraint
    so you can use the slider, plus a list of "preferred"
    resolutions for the xsane list.

    Having said that, in most cases the list is entirely
    adequate and using "odd" resolutions is not a routine
    thing unless you are trying to get a particular sized

    Again, I am not trying to pick fault, just to add my
    2 pence (UK) worth.


    Dave Hill, Kempston, Bedford UK
    Sicth munce ago, I cutn't evun spel enjuneer, and now I are one!

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