[khk@khk.net: Scanner Button Status / Is there anyting we can do with the buttons?]

From: Karl Heinz Kremer (khk@khk.net)
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 14:52:59 PST

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    I tried to send this to the list a few days ago, but so far I can not
    find it in the archives. Really strange: My last message to the list
    is in there twice, and this one never showed up ...

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    Subject: Scanner Button Status / Is there anyting we can do with the buttons?
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    Most of the scanners have one or more buttons that can be used to
    either start the scanning or cancel the scan process - at least when
    using the Windows driver.

    I don't see a way to use the "Scan" button with the current implenentation
    of SANE: Even if I create a thread that checks the button status every
    second, I still can not communicate with the frontend and let it know
    that received a scan request via the button. The frontend would need to
    provide a callback function in order to do that. I guess the cancel
    button could be handled internally in the backend. The frontend does not
    need to know that the button was pressed, it should be sufficient to just
    stop sending data (and report some kind of error instead).

    What we would need is a function that the frontend can call to find out
    how many buttons the scanner supports. In addition to that we would need
    to define a set of well known button "labels" so that the frontend could
    then register callback functions for e.g. "scan", "cancel", "fax", "email",
    ... The backend would default to no callback for all buttons, so that the
    "button watching thread" would not start until at least one callback is

    My EPSON scanner has only one button, so this wold be a pretty simple
    implementation: Once the button is pressed the frontend would do the
    same thing as if the scan-button in the GUI would have been pressed.

    What do you think?

    Karl Heinz

    Karl Heinz Kremer                                      khk@khk.net

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