Re: New CVS snapshot 20000213

From: Bill Wohler (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 10:27:49 PST

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    "Harry E. Clarke" <> writes:
    > There has been discussion recently about adding/removing compiler warnings.
    > If you want to write good clean code that is portable, then use ANSI C
    > compiler (not allowing tradtional C), and remove all warnings. The following
    > flags should be used.
    > -ansi -pedantic -Wall
    > Adding the flag "-Wpointer-arith", is probably a good idea, or at least
    > a very good reason why the warnings are OK.
    > As the ansi and pedantic flags are not currently used, they should be
    > introduced for the next release, after the release on Sunday.

      Excellent suggestion, I second that. At my last company, we did the
      same thing for the same reasons.f

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