Re: SCSI Cable

From: Brian Beattie (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 00:36:15 PST

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    On 14 Feb 2000 wrote:

    > Andrew McHorney <> writes:
    > > I just purchased an Epson 1200s scanner. I have an ultra wide controller
    > > that I wish to use instead of the supplied scanner in order to not use a
    > > 2nd slot for a controller. Where can I get a 6 foot long 68 to 50 pin cable ?
    > At your local computer store, perhaps? I have bought a 68 to 25 cable
    > recently, damn, this thing cost me the same as a brand new scsi-2
    > controller would have! I only thought about that later... I really
    > should have gotten a second scsi card just to hook the scanner to. ;^)
    You really do not want to hook a scanner up to the same SCSI buss as your
    disk drives, if you ask me. I have my disks on one SCSI buss and my
    Scanner and CD-RW drive on another.

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