hexadecimal C syntax for serial ports

Tim Carroll (tim@boomboom.com)
04 Dec 1999 15:29:26 -0500


I am trying to set myself up with an inherited QuickCam to run off of
the printer or modem serial ports of a linuxppc-endowed Macintosh
using, of course, SANE...

I managed to compile libsane-qcam.so.1, et al after a vigorous massage
of the Makefile and I am ready to go, I think. I have no idea,
however, of how to specify the hexadecimal address in C syntax of the
I/O port I (think) I am using.

Newbie-me would say that the printer port would be /dev/ttyS1, as this
port has been used successfully to activate a printer in the past. Is
there a method to determine this address in hexadecimal form?

I have dangled this question in the comp.os.linux.powerpc newsgroup
for a few days now and have sensed no nibbles. I would appreciate your

Thank you for your attention,


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