Re: Microtek Phantom 636cx again

Novak Levente (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 21:03:25 +0200


Last time I wrote that image mirroring problem on my Phantom 636cx is
solved by Bernd's latest microtek2 backend. I am really sorry to say I
was wrong, as the mirroring still exists. At that time, I flipped
vertically the scanned image and as it was not mirrored, I thought it
was OK. However with simply rotating it, the right and left sides are
always inverted. Apologies for the misinformation.
By the way, I looked into the code, and couldn't find any major
difference between the August 22th and October 16th version of the
driver concerning Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left scanning devices. What
is the portion of code supposed to mirror the image if the scanning
direction is inverted?


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