Re: continued snapscan troubles

Kevin Charter (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:36:25 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Joakim,

> i tried terminating the scanner. i then tried it out on my laptop, using
> the same versions
> of the softwares. the scsi driver is still aha152x with my pcmcia scsi
> card.
> i tried it with snapscan backend 0.7 and the 1.0 alpha.
> with the 1.0 alpha backend, the scanner dumps a lot of data, but the
> head does not move.

OK, so you have the same problem with both the laptop and the
dual-processor machine. Do you have an earlier version of the
kernel that you could try? I can try upgrading to the latest
kernel to see if I have similar problems, but I probably won't get
to that until the weekend at the earliest.

> any more sugestions? i will try the scanner on windows also to rule out
> hardware problems
> with the scanner, but i'm not very eager to do that because then i must
> install windows
> on my laptop :-(

That's a good idea. This is a 1236? It isn't too likely that you need
a firmware update, especially since the backend is really designed
to work best with the old 300 and 310 models (that's all I have docs

> other people with this same problem seems to have solved it by using the
> 0.7 backend, but im not
> so lucky. what can the difference be? the firmware revision in the
> scanner? is it possible
> to upgrade the snapscan?


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