Re: Recommended cheap SCSI scanners?

Klaus Eisenblaetter (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:57:23 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Allan!
> I'm looking for a cheap SCSI scanner for use with Linux, hopefully one
> which costs less than about 120 UK pounds. I don't know what that
> would be in other currencies, but if it's any help for comparison,
> here are a couple of the models I've been looking at:
> Mustek 1200SP Pro SCSI 70 pounds
> Acer 620S 105 pounds

What a chance, im quit new in this mailing list and I subsribed because I
bought a very cheap Mustek MFS-1200SP Pro. I unfortunately donŽt get it to
work on Linux so as on Win95 yet.

> I'm particularly curious about the Mustek 1200SP, since I can't find
> any mention of it on Mustek's website, or anywhere else for that
> matter, and so I have no idea what resolutions it can do, colour
> depth, etc.

It could be that the Mustek scanner you mean is a Paragon 1200 Pro. You
can find a discription under DonŽt worry, the language of
the web site is english. Anyway, your story looks very similar like my. I
bought the Scanner as a "rest choice" (sorry aubout my english) for a
price very closed to 70 pounds.

I just contacted the Mustek Support about my Win95 problems. If IŽll get
back some interesting news, IŽll let you know, but I think that your
decision would not be for the Mustek one now.


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