Wrong scansize with different resolutions

Menno Tillema (mtillema@belgarath.hobby.nl)
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 15:13:12 +0100 (CET)


I have a Mustek 1200 SP connected to a Dawicontrol Scsi card. I'm
running OS/2 warp 4.0 revision 9.035 with Sane/2 1.01. Today I noticed
that the heigth of the scanned image is dependent of the resolution of
the image, I tried the script below with resolutions from 50 to 200 dpi
and the resulting images have the same heigth mesured by scanned lines,
but the one of 200 dpi is about one inch longer. Anyone a clue?

scan script:
cd \sane\bin
start /f E:\pmview\pmview.exe e:\sane\temp\image.pnm /sho
scanimage -d mustek --mode gray --resolution 100 -x 210 -y 298
--verbose > e:\sane\temp\image.pnm --verbose 2>

relevant info of scandebug:
[sanei_init_debug]: Setting debug level of mustek to 12.
[mustek] attach: opening b0t2l0
as scsi device
[mustek] attach: sending INQUIRY
[mustek] scsi_wait_ready: sending TEST_UNIT_READY
[mustek] attach: firmware revision 1.06
[mustek] attach: scanner has automatic line-distance correction
[mustek] attach: cover open
[mustek] attach: found Mustek scanner model MFS-12000SP (flatbed
scanner), 1-pass
[mustek] scsi_wait_ready: sending TEST_UNIT_READY
[mustek] do_inquiry: sending INQUIRY
[mustek] line_distance: got factor=65535, (r/g/b)=(0/4/8)
[mustek] get_image_status: bytes_per_line=1652, lines=2347
scanimage: scanning image of size 1652x2347 pixels at 8 bits/pixel
scanimage: acquiring gray frame
[mustek] reader_process thread started
[ ... rest deleted ]
[mustek] do_stop: terminating reader process

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